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[51bts018] Plasman - Futuro Anteriore

[51bts018] Plasman - Futuro Anteriore

Label: 51beats
Catalog: 51bts018
Released: 13.11.2009
Styles: Techno
Size: 43 MB

01. broken portraits (feat. Dany) 4' 39 "
02. Anche 3'49 "
03. Zyprexa 4' 56"
04. Kursk 3' 23"
05. Terrore a Milano 3' 53"
06. Bolle bolle 3' 49"
07. Futuro anteriore 6 58"

Source's preview
This is the brand new "live electronics" album by Plasman! and 51beats is very happy to follow the artistic journey of such an intriguing artist. "Futuro anteriore" is a mixture of real synthesis, loud and subtle sounds. The album starts with a technodance pill: "Broken portraits". Synthesizers in "Anche" are pumped like a hell. Minimal pause with "Zyprexa", which drives us to the the impressive start of "Kurk" and the technish "Terrore a Milano". After the 8bit-minimal-stile of "Bolle Bolle" then it comes our favourite hypnotic "Futuro Anteriore", which closes the web version of this powerful album.
An extended album version (10 .wav-TRACKS!!) will be available at the 51beats parties. More details soon on

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