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[rwclub008] Laszlo Hollyfield  - Bassically Yours

[rwclub008] Laszlo Hollyfield - Bassically Yours

Label: Rawmatroid
Catalog: rwclub008
Format: 320Kbps mp3
Released: November 2009
Styles: Acid-Techno Deep-Techno
Total time: 24:15
Size: 45.47 MB

01. Trauma Disco
02. Modabazo
03. Vaporoso
04. Hill Valley (Live Station Mix)

Source's preview
4 new tracks, including a live version, forms this 8th reference of Club sublabel, composed in this occasion by Laszlo Hollyfield: “Bassically Yours EP”
“The EP was created having in mind the more tacky eighties funk, giving it a more current sound using rhythms more marked. Of course, I was influenced by early 90s trance, and I think it shows in whatever i do.”
The melody synth driven to blow and the sharp percussion of Trauma Disco open with force and without any complex this work, with obvious influences from which Laszlo speaks previously. Modabazo is like an acid track, as it sounds, let us gradually in our ears a psychedelic flavor. In Vaporoso, he seduces us again melodically, this time in a softer way and with the same slightly accelerated bpm of the previous tracks. As the final track, a live version called Hill Valley: smooth beats and a certain melancholy in the air that close so great “Bassically Yours EP”, a work with a clear and unmistakable retro essence mark of Laszlo Hollyfield.

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