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[audcst013] Zanex Dissociation - RTTS Remixes

[audcst013] Zanex Dissociation - RTTS Remixes

Catalog: audcst013
Format: 12  File, MP3, 320Kbps
Released: 03.11.2009
Styles: Electronic IDM Techno
Total time: 01:05:25
Size: 122.66 MB

1. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Original Mix)
2. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Cloud Expedition Overnight Mix)
3. Zanex Dissocition feat. Miz Agata - RTTS (Bleep&Dirty Starship Mix)
4. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (eXponent Midnight Sun Mix)
5. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Fab Stellar Mix)
6. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Freaky Robotics Mix)
7. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Johnny Ripper Mix)k
8. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Kairologic Tetractys Mix)
9. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (MetanoiaX Basic Mix)
10. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (MetanoiaX Industrial Mix)
11. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (Rhesus Factor Mix)
12. Zanex Dissocition - RTTS (The Headcase Mix)

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Recently we ran a remix contest for Zanex Dissociations track "Return To The Sun" and to show our appreciation to all of the artists that devoted their time and effort to remixing the track we thought it would put all of them together in one release, please check out the read me file and check out the individual artists.


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