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[astor007] Dan Brasco - Two-tier Society

[astor007] Dan Brasco - Two-tier Society

Label: Astor Bell
Catalog: astor007
Format: 2  File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 27.05.2009
Styles: IDM Minimal Techno
Size: 24.2 MB

1. For the Poor
2. For the Rich

Source's preview
This is the first release out in a series of concept EP:s from Dan Brasco. It's a melodic piece of minimal techno that takes the listener on a floating journey through hypnotic landscapes. Soothing for the soul, but catchy enough get some fingers snapping.

Both tracks are built on small variations on a melodic theme. The opener, For the Poor, is leaning towards the light side of life, adding a dose of sunshine pop feel to the strict beat. Simple in that exquisite way that takes a genious to compose.

While Foor the Rich bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, it also explores slightly darker territories. Crank up the bass on this one. But even though it's deeper and beats harder, it'll leave you in a dreamy, nearly weightless state.

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