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[brhnet03] Phasen - Phasen II: Progressions

[brhnet03] Phasen - Phasen II: Progressions

Label: Breathe
Catalog: brhnet03
Format:  MP3 320 kbps.
Released: May 2009
Styles: Downtempo Dub-Techno Electronic IDM
Total time: 01:08:43
Size:  158 MB

01 Phasen - A universe in every grain of sand
02 Phasen - Florigin
03 Phasen - Crystal dance
04 Phasen - Santa´s white espresso
05 Phasen - Hello, Mr. Plascheck
06 Phasen - Realizing your own mortality
07 Phasen - Glimpse of self
08 Phasen - Rollin on Dubs
09 Phasen - Lost in a beautiful face
10 Phasen - Twicks
11 Phasen - The man with two watches
12 Phasen - Crunk acid fusion
13 Phasen - A night in Verona
14 Phasen - Wait

Source's preview
20 year-old Ryan Parmer, aka Phasen, delivers his second self-titled release to Breathe. ‘Phasen II: Progressions’ offers the newest music composed by this young producer and is already his 14th official album since he launched his career in mid-2007.
Tranquil tracks like “A Universe In Every Grain of Sand” and “Realizing Your Own Mortality” are dispersed among fast paced electro “Hello, Mr. Plaschek”, deep dub techno “Lost In A Beautiful Face”, and experimental guitar and vocal pieces “Glimpse of Self” or “Wait”. Altogether, this album features the wide display of genres present on many Phasen albums, but this time also demonstrates his markedly improved production abilities, making Phasen II an essential release for all Phasen fans, and also a great place to start for any first time listeners.
Artwork providing by Trent McElhinney.


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