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[diss006] Death on Glamour - Sumptuous lifestyle of morning and evening drinks (2009)

[diss006] Death on Glamour - Sumptuous lifestyle of morning and evening drinks (2009)

Label: Dissonant Recordings
Catalog: diss006
Released: May 2009
Styles: Electronic Experimental
Size: 95.3 MB

Death Row
Crazy Shalimar
We Don't Want To Be Cheated By One Guy Overseas
Le Baiser Du Underground
Astron Eidos
Born In Cape Verde
Passion For Splendour
Extremely Depressed
Sumptuous Underground Juxtaposition
Outlaw Noise
Heroic Symbolism
It's Not About Beating People
Natural Killer Cell
Sad Of Dying Crazy Near Victoria Falls
Narcotic Goanna
Fahal Island Symphony
Into The Gabber
Death Row - Hard Rock Version

Source's preview
Jeff Joel Lennox is one and only member of one Death on Glamour - band which works within the area of the sinister amalgamation of the minimalistic, social and equivocal experimental music. His music is always minimalistic and sometimes set the teeth on edge because of its simplicity, but don't step back immediately if you dislike this or that track at the first moment. Please, take your time and think what author wanted to say. Be patient. Remember, time, brain and social location are your best friends
in understanding Death On Glamour music.

Such tracks of Death On Glamour as brutal "Fuck Tha Smokazzz!!" and rebellious "Death Row" have particularly deep social implication. This is the main idea of everything Jeff is doing: artist should not only bring beauty or fun to this world, but also a better future, no matter for this generation or next.


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