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[thn108] Federsen  - Social realism

[thn108] Federsen - Social realism

Label: Thinner
Catalog: thn108
Format: VBR MP3/ EP
Released: 24.05.2009
Styles: Ambient Dub House
Total time: 26:51
Size: 35 MB

01. Nature Of Mind 07:26
02. All Things Are Numbers 05:18
03. Epoch 06:23
04. Naure Of Mind (Sensual Physics Remix) 07:44

Source's preview
written and produced by chris kelly

′social realism′ is the debut release of the london based artist federsen. this debut ep contains three original tracks which drift between gently sequenced chords upon lush beats and subtle details on the fx, for those who like it smooth and atmospheric - laidback electronic music for the pre-summer between the poles of detroit, chillout and house! last but not least we asked sensual physics to complete the ep with a remix for you!

′nature of mind′ kicks things off with plashy beats and mildly vocoded breathings. the following track ′all things are numbers′ is more enigmatic and glances in between hall rooms on a slow 808 beat, while ′epoch′ is a tad more uplfiting with it′s driving chords, twirling effects and detroit arpeggios. last but not least we asked sensual physics to complete the ep with a remix to prepare the people for his coming new album on thinner! his mix builds on a single long stretched chord to later develop into a slender, yet concentrated clubby opener, which is open and warm at the same time.

text written by sebastian redenz

28.05.2009 00:42

Действительно. Но в день выхода он уже был в секции релизов, сейчас убрали почемуто. Хотя, как видите, страница релиза на оф. сайте доступна.

27.05.2009 21:56

Странно то, что на оффсайте о нём ни слова.

24.05.2009 18:04

Наконец-то Thinner выпустил новый материал! Просто отличный релиз!

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