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[mi108] Anders Blickmann - Oceania

[mi108] Anders Blickmann - Oceania

Label: MiMi Records
Catalog: mi108
Format: 4  File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 18.05.2009
Styles: Electronic Minimal-Techno
Size: 34.6 MB

01. New Caledonia
02. Samoa
03. Vanuatu
04. Cook Islands

Source's preview
After two years of anonymity, Anders Blickmann is beginning to have the public recognition of his growing mastery production, edited to mix with South American artists (Oscar Chaves, Julie Amadeo) or with Oceania EP.
Here, this project presents a hypnotic construction, in which repetitive and circular elements carry the voice for a more dark and claustrophobic Oceania than the one that appears on postcards - especially in Samoa and Vanuatu.
Sound textures superimpose themselves with expertise, although never forgetting the importance of silence. In this sense, these four tracks generate an audio vice, which reaches the level of the most famous producers on the so called “minimal”. “Cook Islands” is an example.
Using a typical Portuguese expression, and concerning artistic production, it can be said that "there are more and more in the archives of Blickmann and more are to come”. And if there is who bets in his international career, Mimi Records is the one.
Tiago Eiras

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