Techno-Релизы    2009    May
[emp072] Sintellect - We're All Damaged

[emp072] Sintellect - We're All Damaged

Label: Earth Monkey Productions
Catalog: emp072
Released: May 2009
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental

1. Amongst Us
2. When You Gonna Come Down?
3. Ocean Temporal
4. The Walls Don't Look Like They Used To
5. We're All Damaged (Fractured Mindscape edit)

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Influences.....strange surreal experiences, world cinema, dreams and nightmares, the industrial landscape surrounding me, abandoned and derelict buildings, graffiti, zombies, machinery, jellyfish, anime, odd noises at night, isolation, fear and loathing, bliss, black and white films, sci-fi movies and books, old stories, ancient civilisations, childhood memories, the stars, specks of dust floating in sunlight, paint fumes, sand, the weathering of time, the sound made by elastic bands, water (in all its myriad forms), everything my senses measure, far too much music to mention.....


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