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[sfp04] Coax  - Artifacts And Discovery

[sfp04] Coax - Artifacts And Discovery

Label: Soft Phase
Catalog: sfp04
Format: MP3
Released: May 2009
Styles: Ambient
Size: 85 MB

01 “Ziobelia”
02 “Blue Racer”
03 “Artemis Dream 1″
04 “The Gate”
05 “Sil”
06 “Atomic Winter”
07 “Reincarnation”
08 “Xenolith”
09 “The Journey”
10 “Artemis Dream 2″
11 “Abyss”
12 “Evermore”
13 “Waves”
14 “The Jagged Edge”
15 “Aura Reading”

Source's preview
Our fourth release is a full length album from norwegian artist Coax, who has previously made appearances on Kahvi and Monotonik netlabels.
Artifacts And Discovery being the title, the album is a wonderfully varied combination of ambient softness, dramatic orchestral pieces, sensitive piano interludes, science fiction movie atmosphere, all spiced up with the occasional electronic rhythms. At times, you feel like you have landed on the surface of an unknown planet, feel the tension build as you look around and there is nothing but unexplored terrain surrounding you. Then, as the album goes further, the next moment.. the dreamy string ensemble capture your attention, you begin to feel safe and comfortable again. Enchanted with the beautiful harmonies, you watch the clouds passing by, happy memories from the past are filling your mind, you feel like floating. Close your eyes, enter the intriguing world of Artifacts And Discovery.

Coax is also in process of releasing a CD album titled “The Third Mobius”, which includes 6 tracks already presented here. Professionally mastered and inluding stunning cover artwork by Jeroen Advocaat. For more details, see the micro-site for the album:

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