Techno-Релизы    2009    May
[unfound41] Roberto Clementi - See what happens EP

[unfound41] Roberto Clementi - See what happens EP

Label: Unfoundsound
Catalog: unfound41
Format: MP3/ Flac
Released: 12.05.2009
Styles: Deep-Techno Tech-House
Size: MP3 78 MB/ Flac 259 MB

01. valencia
02. 1939
03. exigent
04. real fun
05. remember 90

Source's preview
italy's roberto clementi delivers five irresistible gems on see what happens ep. these tracks range from party-pumpin' disco-y techno to deeply lush tech-house -- fueled by subby basslines, body-shaking grooves, retro-style melodic elements, elegantly cut-up vocals, and an overall warm, analog feel. so put it on. play it on. get yo' freak-on. get yo' bliss-on. and, mmmmm, get it on!

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