Techno-Релизы    2009    March
[ma049] Stig Inge - CEPT Ep

[ma049] Stig Inge - CEPT Ep

Catalog: ma049
Format: MP3, 320 Kbit
Released: 27.03.2009
Styles: Experimental Techno
Total time: 20:00
Size: 45.2 MB

1 Stig Inge - Cept.01
2 Stig Inge - Cept.02

Source's preview
The new CEPT-EP from Stig Inge is based on a concept: It consists of two tracks, each of them approximately ten minutes in length. The aim: Altering the conventional way of time-structures in electronic music, without forgetting to put the focus on the underlying message.
Cept.01 starts out in a dark, mystic mood, that aims to suck the listener right in. But not simplicity is the guide here, it's the love for tiny details. Being melancholy as well as emotional, the connection to the listener is never severed, instead taking him along with the mighty synthline, being in full bloom only in the last third of the song. The melancholy basis of the track intensifies more and more, only to be destroyed and densified at the same time nearing the end. It's completely up to the listener to let go or to stay until the bitter end.
Part two of this EP also starts off in a dark atmosphere. Despite a couple of scarce sunrays, the alluring beats lure you deeper and deeper into the dark-as-night forest. But no need to be afraid: Light is provided through acoustic flashlights you make take along with you. Be warned though that the way out of this complex structure made of deepness might not be that easy to find. In spite of this, be invited to take a stroll - in the dark.

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