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[SUBTRAK 019] Christian Bloch - Mars

[SUBTRAK 019] Christian Bloch - Mars

Label: Subtrak
Catalog: SUBTRAK 019
Released: 25.03.2009
Styles: Minimal-Techno

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Christian Bloch_Mars: For Christian's signature track, Mars, off of his latest release, it is nothing short of brooding. It goes from cosmic to evil in under two minutes, and the rumbling baseline juxtaposed against intermittent vocals will send chills down your spine. When listening, I recommend turning your stereo dial to 11 to get the full effect, but avoid any hallucinogenic drug use.

Christian Bloch_Whitespace: While the title track is thick and charged, Whitespace is, as it's title suggests, clean and clear cut. This is carefully produced minimal track is the perfect counterpoint to Mars, but does not stray from the thematic nature of the subject.

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