Techno-Релизы    2009    March
Frei²ist Deepindub

Frei²ist Deepindub

Label: Deepindub
Released: 20.03.2009
Styles: Drum&Bass Dub

1. Anmoderation
2. Ethnic Meeting
3. Temae’s Dub
4. Tiapito Featuring Tematatoa
5. Free To Feel Good
6. Once Upon A Dub
7. Crazy Plane
8. Butterfly Dub Featuring Mike Bacquet
9. Like A Bird
10. Forest Mirrors
11. Noah’s Ark
12. Elastic Time
13. Hope
14. Orphanèe Featuring Bastien Buhagiar
15. The Flying Chair
16. Abmoderation

Please peepz, enjoy !!!

Source's preview
Hi peepz, good news, frei2 – Das Magazin für freie Musik im Freien Radio Kassel has played quite the entire album of Mat’s - A light in the Abyss [did027] on their radio show !
frei2 small frei2 ist deep in dub blog
Great feedback for this release from Robert Bienert and frei² radio staff !!!

This programm was on hair :
# Sunday, 10. März 2009, 19 Uhr
# Wednesday, 11. März 2009, 11 Uhr

and it’s also supported and featured on the podcast !

Tracklist - the playlist of the programm

Please peepz, enjoy !!!


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