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[qd-4254] Arthaus* - Going Places

[qd-4254] Arthaus* - Going Places

Label: QED Records
Catalog: qd-4254
Format: MP3. 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo
Released: 14.03.2009
Styles: Abstract Ambient Downtempo
Total time: 10:49
Size: 9.9 MB

qd-4254_arthaus-02_ makati_burns_ver_02

Source's preview
Sometimes all that’s needed to get to places you’ve never seen is a sountrack consisting of abstract melodic ambient music by the likes of an artist such as arthaus* (aka Tomi Uysingco). Going Places is a 3-song EP of somber ambient that uses patterns to draw you into robotic lands of mystery and angst.

arthaus* is a member of the Puro Ka Indie collective of independent Philippine musicians. They are all over the web. Find and collect all variants.


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