Techno-Релизы    2009    March
[bp024] Lus Antero + Marcus Krten - Stall

[bp024] Lus Antero + Marcus Krten - Stall

Label: bypass
Catalog: bp024
Format: 3  File, MP3, 320 kbps / 192 kbps 
Released: 10.03.2009
Styles: Electronic
Total time: 28:58
Size: 35.79 MB

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Stall is the first collaboration of Lus Antero and Marcus Kuerten and consists of two twelve-minute tracks recorded on location in the Coimbra region in Portugal and the German Rhineland. The pieces present the unadulterated sounds of agronomical livestock production places.

The changes in sound of the Stall recording by Antero are more punctuated and less textured. It captures, based on species noises, the group dynamics of sheep and forms a contrast to the atmosphere recording of the cow stable. Kuerten’s Stall is dominated by the eerie sounds of a claustrophobic setting with ambient noises mainly, but it is also an extensive audible pleasure to listen to the astonishing amount of information.

The final track is an additional remix by the Chinese musician and producer Zhang JW from Beijing. His complex structured piece of music draws a line under a highly recommended work. Enjoy yourself and listen attentive.


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