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[bp023] Siegmar Fricke - Nekrektomie

[bp023] Siegmar Fricke - Nekrektomie

Label: bypass
Catalog: bp023
Format: 6  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 06.03.2009
Styles: Ambient Industrial Noise
Total time: 39:18
Size: 73.72 MB

01 - Fulguration (5:13)
02 - Kauter (6:12)
03 - Granulargewebe (5:42)
04 - Mortosis (10:34)
05 - Erisypel (3:11)
06 - Nekrektomie (8:29)

Source's preview
Electrocautery and granulomateous audio-dissection are the inevitable new techniques announcing a new era in pharmakustik sound-symbiosis 2009.
Acoustic tissues are destroyed by concentrated density of grain-impulses and subsequently re-generated to complex epidermal areas and necremic rotations.
The removal and re-implantation of abnormally necrotized sonics, as featured on NEKREKTOMIE, are the new methods offered to the open-minded connaisseurs of aural surgery.


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