Techno-Релизы    2009    March
[AeTech012] Dan Mute - On Demand

[AeTech012] Dan Mute - On Demand

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AeTech012
Format: File, MP3, 320 Kbps
Released: March 2009
Styles: Techno
Size: 43.9 MB

1. On Demand
2. Interrupt
3. Rush
4. Antenna

Source's preview
This newest techno EP from Audioexit is in a strong connection of a (possible) Hungarian techno revolution. Compared to the roughness of Dan Mute`s previous EP (AeTech 007;Flourish) this material is more organic and reflects to several subgenres of techno. This indicates that Dan Mute is a very precise, self-confident producer.

All the 4 tracks are full of energy. Destroying and building simultaneously. This is the music of unearthly machines which are looking for the soul for their bodies.

Alien machines start to attack with a loose club-techno with small house attributes (On Demand). Space feeling and hybrid tunes. Surgeon and Regis could be the advisors for the next assault (Interrupt). Space / offbeat structure what lead us to the rolldown of track 3, Rush despite of changed strategy of Aliens :) . After this assertive sonic-weapon all the elements are joining. Techno soldiers could test all these elements in the past. Total destroy - and a small signal far behind the frontlines received by Antenna...but only hell comes and tiny creatures looking for survivors.

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