Techno-Релизы    2009    March
[Toolz303] In Acid We Trust! - A Compilation of tweety freaky tracks

[Toolz303] In Acid We Trust! - A Compilation of tweety freaky tracks

Label: Tribetoolz
Catalog: Toolz303
Format: 9  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: March 2009
Styles: Acid-Techno House Compilation

1. X-Tront und Bruce - Unscheduled
2. David Ramaszeder - Corrosive
3. Scheibe - Magensure
4. MarkStone - Global Meltdown
5. XTront - The Alpha Bass
6. S-Tek - Welcome Home
7. Bruce - Negativ
8. Scheibe - Der Kopf Ohne Reiter
9. S-Tek - WCTWAD(we celebrate the world acid day)

Source's preview
In the year 1982 the japanese manufacturer roland build the legendary tb-303. Since that year many artists use the freaky tweety sound of this machine to create a new funky style in house and techno called ACID.
The world wide acid day on 3/03/2009 in honor of the tb-303 is the date for us to reflect the last decades of this great sound and make a own compilation of acidly tracks. So listen up: ACID WILL NEVER DIE! :)

14.07.2010 13:15

Не хватает первого и третьего треков!!!(((

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