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[mdf03] Modular Unit I

[mdf03] Modular Unit I

Label: Modularfield
Catalog: mdf03
Format: 15  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 20.06.2009
Styles: Deep-House Tech-House Techno

01. Taschenrechnermusikant – Es ist Musik
02. Melmono – Drawning
03. Uwe Hell – The Beautiful Agony
04. Miss Cmy – The Second Base
05. Sophie Tiedtke – Lost Gate
06. Breitbandkater – Plogoff
07. Oeler – Traumtänzer
08. Taschenrechnermusikant – Dubmin
09. Cheslo – Disko Melua
10. Phvsr – Metro
11. qi.mono – Licht in der Ferne
12. Breitbandkater – More
13. So I´m Jo – Static
14. Cie – Land in Sicht
15. Tisserand – Not Attainable

Source's preview
The Modular Unit I is a selection with tracks of the past 16 releases and some fresh tunes never published before, that shall give you a more detailed view into our back catalogue and towards upcoming releases.

The first Track “Es ist Musik” by Taschenrechnermusikant is taken from our first release back in 2006. It’s all about “Music”. “Drawning” belongs to our first Album release by Melmono . “The Beautiful Agony” is a track never published before from our dear friend Uwe Hell. And yes it is his real name. The following Track “The Second Base” was taken from the first various artist compilation after the renaming from DCC-Records into Modularfield. Wonderful swedish sound by Miss Cmy. “The Lost Gate” is a very Atmospheric Track by Sophie Tiedtke taken from our 10th DCC-Records release. Upcoming is a UNIT I exclusive by Breitbandkater. “Plogoff” takes you to a journey into atmospheric deep house. The “Traumtänzer” is taken from the latest modularfield release by Oeler, who is known for his excellent percussion work as well. “Dubmin” is once again a track by Taschenrechnermusikant, taken from the “Gurkenglas EP”.We are looking forward to his upcoming release [MDF06] later this year. Step on the dancefloor with the next tune from Cheslo! It is taken from his energetic “Disko Melua EP”. Let’s get deep into the underground with Phvsr´s “Metro”! This tune comes from the first Modularfield release and belongs to “The Bassment”. “Licht in der Ferne” by qi.mono is a preview for the “Spätsommer Herbst EP” release, which will be the catalogue number MDF05 and is scheduled for late summer 2009. “More” is taken from the 13th DCC-Release by Breitbandkater and produced to take you back into the days, where house music was a feeling. “Static” is taken from the upcoming [MDF04] release by So I´m Jo from Australia, which is full of great electronic tunes and tasty vocal lines. Cie´s “Land in Sicht”, also taken from the various artist compilation [DCC2MDF] represents tracker music at its best. Last but not least is Tisserands track, “Not Attainable”, featuring great vocal Lines by Uwe Hell and 303 Acid Sound like back in the days. This time the great cover artwork comes from Farbfundament. He did an awesome job with an original footage by Muriel from Spain. He also designed our new and now final logo for Modularfield. We hope you enjoy the music and the new artwork as much as we did.
Greetings from cologne

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