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[ARCHPL017 ] Pheek vs Stefny  - Japan Excursion Joint 3

[ARCHPL017 ] Pheek vs Stefny - Japan Excursion Joint 3

Label: Archipel
Catalog: ARCHPL017
Format: 8 x File, MP3
Released: June 2009
Styles: Minimal

Source's preview
Returning to present the third in Archipel's excursion series is label boss himself, Pheek, and his partner in aural beautification of the world, Stefny, who both bring their passions together to form "Japan Excursion Joint 3".

The record begins with Pheek's "Voices in the Fog" which eerily and most definitely very pleasantly does seem to resemble, in the mind's eye, extra-dimensional voices in a superbly thick and warm blanket of fog which rolls and swirls as it crawls through dark pre-dawn evergreen forests, carrying with it the scent of geosmin and fir sap.

"So Worried" is a little more delicate but just as enchanting with opalescent melodies weaving their way through gentle layers of rhythm which are ever evolving and forming new patterns which crawl over the entire surface of the mind.

On the other side of the same wax coin we find Stefny's piece "Wormhole" which gets right to the point and prepares you for a superheated and electrified journey between interdimensional space as all the colours of memory from your past, present and the deja vu of your endless futures come together and wrap themselves together to form one of an infinite of superbly glowing singularities. Pheek now closes things of with a helping of warm "Chicken Sashimi" which is intensely layered with an array of piquant and very flavorfully rich tastes that collide to form a single and constantly growing, changing, hypertaste, leading to no less than the fullest of enjoyment and satisfaction.

This release is now on sale on digital format and soon vinyl. You can buy it at WhatPeoplePlay and Beatport.

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