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[astor008] Fenderchet - The Sleep EP

[astor008] Fenderchet - The Sleep EP

Label: Astor Bell
Catalog: astor008
Format: 6  File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 12.06.2009
Styles: Ambient Electronic IDM
Size: 46.2 MB

1. The Dinner
2. Good Night
3. An Honest Reflexion
4. The Most Beautiful Dream (Pica Pica Jazz Beach)
5. Feelings And Thoughts
6. The Wake Up

Source's preview
So often do we go to bed, wake up (repeat) that we rarely stop to realize the adventure that our bodies and minds take us on each and every day. This dreamy 6-song EP successfully sets a soundtrack to this daily journey and takes into consideration that each and every time we put our heads on our pillows the outcome can be drastically different.
Fenderchet puts these abstract happenings into audio form with nods to Boards of Canada, Tycho and Aphex Twin's ambient works. Never beating the same drum twice, new sounds and ideas are constantly introduced, expanded upon and gently tucked away with each section of every song.
Falcon, Venezuela seems like a billion miles away from Stockholm, Sweden. Because it is. What Fenderchet has done with these songs is transcend distance and time. He's banked on honesty and emotion and, without a doubt, succeeded.


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