Techno-Релизы    2009    June
[unfound42] Alex Medina  - Punos punof

[unfound42] Alex Medina - Punos punof

Label: Unfoundsound
Catalog: unfound42
Format: MP3/ Flac
Released: 08.06.2009
Styles: Deep Funk Jazz Tech-House
Size: MP3 85 MB/ Flac 221 MB

01. too much botox
02. dinner in jakarta
03. vodka-sax
04. loopy teacher
05. 2 bailes con martini sisters

Source's preview
now you get five elegant tunes from alex medina of the spanish canary islands. these tracks offer deep, organic and body-jacking tech-house vibes. arranged with tasteful precision and a solid groove, each ditty on punos punof offers remarkable elements of funk, jazz, witty vocal cuts, brass instruments, a smidgen of tribal rhythms, and an underlying touch of minimalism. play them all summer long! or for that matter, play them forever and ever!

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