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[JNN046] Stream69 - Souvenirs from Earth

[JNN046] Stream69 - Souvenirs from Earth

Catalog: JNN046
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 07.06.2009
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic Experimental
Total time: 01:02:56
Size: 118.00 MB

01 – The way of creed
02 – First prayer
03 – Infinite garden
04 – Souvenirs from Earth
05 – Sisleep
06 – Voyage au bout de la nuit
07 – Better and faster
08 – Quartet works
09 – Profond Sommeil
10 – The highway close of cemetery
11 – Mur du son
12 – To fall
13 – Scratched vynils

Source's preview
“This album is dedicated to Souvenirs From Earth TV”

The Way of Creed – “Dedicated to a certain Jesus”
First Prayer – “Meditation, Saintliness & Philosophy”
Infinite Garden – “Green Kingdom’s Garden, Cosmic Expand”
Souvenirs From Earth – “Dedicated to Souvenirs From Earth (French/German TV)”
Sisleep – “Dedicated to our Micro-Sleeps”
Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit – “Dedicated to a certain French TV-Show carrying this name”
Better & Faster – “Doin’ Music only when it calls me”
Quartet Works – “Dedicated to any soulmen who use machines and computers like an orchestra”
Profond Sommeil – “Sleepy Noises”
The Highway Close of Cemetery – “Dedicated to the Cemetery of my town*”
Mur Du Son – “Undedicated to 1933-1945, Dedicated to The Right Stuff (Movie)”
To Fall – “Undedicated to the loss controls, Dedicated to the gravity”
Scratched Vynils – “Dedicated to Vynil’s Children”


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