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[RTSW4] Various Artists  - Cold Fire

[RTSW4] Various Artists - Cold Fire

Catalog: RTSW4
Format: 6  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 06.06.2009
Styles: Acid Electro Minimal Techno Compilation

1. Neonicle - Serenade Of Cemeteries [6:06]
2. Tantcui Tantcui - Where Have You Been? [2:30]
3. Rabitza - Parallel Lines (Live) [5:50]
4. Mass Fatality - Sadness, Fury, Spring [5:26]
5. Acid Mikhalych - Load In Progress [6:41]
6. Vadz - Snow [5:06]

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Cold Fire is a collection of tracks that, for sure, will make you feel melancholic. Sometimes it could even throw you into the warm hands of sorrow, or make you think about something fundamental, like birth of the Sun, or nothingless and futility of a mankind... It's not a destructive fire, that tries to get outside and burn everything to ashes, it's the fire that warms souls of approaching apocalypse romantics from within. Gems only, grown with insight and made for listening in imperfect world.

1) Neonicle is a new name on RT, and his debut tunes you to the dark frequency of the whole compilation. This artist from St. Peterburg drops good electro in best traditions of famous holland's scene - emotional, mysterious, grim and full of inner energy. Have you ever seen ghosts? Hey! what was that?!

2) Tantcui Tantcui (which means "dance dance" in Russian) is a side project of a well known 8-bit artist 777minus111 from Moscow. A minimal deviation, as he says. "Where have you been? - Nowhere. What have you been doing? - Nothing". Wicked short track, with a strange melody in it. Should be served as a set opener at a heavy drugged minimal party. Hey, was that a sound of a knife? Did you hear that?!

3) Rabitza takes us into a subliminal journey again. This piece of art was recorded during one of their live performances and carefully mastered so you can feel the beauty of the moment. A mixture of something between electro and trance with warm melodies and acid mind programming makes you float on the wings of sound. Don't meditate too much, return soon!

4) Next one is an elegant track from Mass Fatality, a project from a grandfather of russian techno scene - DJ Slon from St. Petersburg. Soaring 808's and simple but touching melody keeps you in the mood all the way it goes. It feels like as if you were put in a small cozy space filled with a mixture of different images and feelings. Love, anger, tenderness... choose one!

5) Acid Mikhalych is a desperate hardware freak from Moscow and it's his first ever appearance on the scene. Having a wide collection of synths (legendary 303's, 707, 808, 909, etc.) and being strongly addicted to acid, he records tracks on the fly and performs live as well. "Load in progress" is a grim and scary track that programms your mind for a trip through your subconscious fears. Get ready for the dark adventure! The wind of doom blows in your direction!!!

6) Once upon a time there was a snowy and queerly silent morning on the outskirts of Taganrog. Vadz was on the way to his work, and suddenly, something began to play inside of his head. That's how this track was born. You can hear the flakes of snow scattering from above, you can smell the freshness and see the silent beauty of winter. Everything fades away, and only fancy images mosaic is what remains in the end.


24.09.2009 01:39

Оооо YES BaBy CoMe On))))))

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