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[bp034] Laiila - 000013, Version Of

[bp034] Laiila - 000013, Version Of

Label: bypass
Catalog: bp034
Format: 14  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 05.06.2009
Styles: Ambient Noise
Total time: 26:26
Size: 49.56 MB

be immediately 6.22 MB
legitimately 4.91 MB
oblivious of the beauty 5.82 MB
in falling apart by proxy 6.59 MB
all over again 3.20 MB
yesterday just as today 2.49 MB
as inevitable as of course 3.44 MB
doleful and so 2.47 MB
invariant 2.64 MB
until insight overcame those p 5.30 MB
all formally, yet discreetly 4.82 MB
muted 673 KB
between palpation and pending 3.81 MB
eta digamma privative 8.12 MB

Source's preview
In compliment to lucent melancholy and pale purple shades of never mind, Laiila project started in 2007, with the appearance of song prototypes at first, and moved on to releasing eps through noise-oriented netlabels.
Founding member is Nada Alleen (Audio/Visual Designer), who is currently accompanied by Liam Maloney (Musician).
"000013, Version Of" was created in 3 separate sessions, with the first one starting in 2007 then it finally came to Bypass, with the time passed and crystalline memory piece, blinks and disappear.


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