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[RTSW5] Acid Mikhalych  - Transistor Bassed

[RTSW5] Acid Mikhalych - Transistor Bassed

Catalog: RTSW5
Format: 5  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 16.07.2009
Styles: Acid Techno
Size: 46.8 MB

1. Acid Mikhalych - 3003 Cliche [5:40]
2. Acid Mikhalych - Phat 101 [5:23]
3. Acid Mikhalych - Distorted Perception [4:20]
4. Acid Mikhalych - Surrounded By Horror [4:35]
5. Acid Mikhalych - Jx-ed [4:40]

Source's preview
Acid Mikhalych is an acieeeed phreak from Moscow. 100% hardware addicted and 100% live recorded. He has already showed us his teeth on RTSW4, and now here's a mini-album for you.
5 excellent tracks, each one with it's own character. Our journey starts with some cliched but tasty sequences for start-up, then we come though massive one-o-one basslines with strong rhythm, a trippy hardcore experience with distorted perception is what we have next, followed by a scary 'acid halloween' track with tickling melody, and a perfect final chord in the end, mellow and clean. Acid for the masses, everyday acid! So, if you're an acid fan - be sure to play this release loud while having some smiley pills tonight, and if you're a DJ, obey now, and sacrifice your soul for the Gods of Acid!


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