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[SMV009] Keinzweiter - Globus Cassus

[SMV009] Keinzweiter - Globus Cassus

Label: Spontan Musik
Catalog: SMV009
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: July 2009
Styles: House IDM Minimal
Size: 53.1 MB

Keinzweiter - Lost Diglator
Keinzweiter - Galapagos Station Uplink
Keinzweiter - Quantum
Keinzweiter - Broken Wetware
Keinzweiter - Goldbrick
Keinzweiter - The Pilman Radiant
Keinzweiter - Globus Cassus
Keinzweiter - The Jupiter Unmount
Keinzweiter - Su Una Voce

Source's preview
With his new longplayer "Globus Cassus", Tobias Lorsbach connects to the mysterious world of retro futurism. influenced by authors like Stanislaw Lem and his philosophical excourses into the field of artificial intelligence, Keinzweiters music is a lush journey into the world of lost data and modular synthesis. reassembling the patterns of life in all its complexity is unattainable for mankind - "Globus Cassus" is a kind of aural statement to this uncertainty. With it´s outlandish deepness, the avoidance of simple hooklines it is more asking questions than giving answers, echoing the last 5 decades of electronic music and the existencial questions connected to the topic man vs machine.


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