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[ARCH064 ] Smirk - Even Beauty Gets Old

[ARCH064 ] Smirk - Even Beauty Gets Old

Label: Archipel
Catalog: ARCH064
Format: 7  File, MP3 
Released: July 2009
Styles: Electronic Minimal

Source's preview
Archipel gets a lick of Wolf + Lamb's Smirk who brings us the wonderfully intricate, atmospheric, textural, funky and juicy package which goes by the title of "Even Beauty Gets Old" but in this case, beauty will most definitely last for some time.
"Just Because" is like taking a massively slow lick of a lolly which possesses the quality of spinning time into a sparkling web of rotating and delicate, melodic, aural imagery while "Ship Song" and "Stasis" are more stripped down but turn the hypnotism up a few notches while being drenched in a warm fluid whisked into wisps by their own self propelling winds.
Title track "Even Beauty Gets Old" possesses a deadly funky electric bass bassline which rolls the entire piece into a tightly would bundle of late night heat while "Rough City Blues" retains the funk but goes endlessly deeper by spinning your mind into a flurry of layered airy textures.
"Contempt Plate" immediately and yet gentle grabs your chin to bring you in for closer viewing with its pearlescent revolving clouds of arching and contorting strings while "Dawn" is as its name would suggest an optimistic and brightly touched, growing and blossoming, beam of light, freshly baked from within the core of some near star.
This release is now available on Beatport and your other favourite shops like WhatPeoplePlay until october where it will then be available for free.

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