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[brhnet04] Capisconne Electro Unity - Activity

[brhnet04] Capisconne Electro Unity - Activity

Label: Breathe
Catalog: brhnet04
Format: 320 Kbps
Released: July 2009
Styles: Downtempo Dub Electronic IDM Jazz
Total time: 20:18
Size: 38.06 MB

01 Capisconne Electro Unity – Oregon
02 Capisconne Electro Unity – Quebec
03 Capisconne Electro Unity – New London
04 Capisconne Electro Unity – Philadelphia

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Capisconne Electro Unity is a band from Zagreb, Croatia.
This music is product of different tastes into a harmonic collective improvisation. This sound is relaxing, chillout and jazzy..
The playing from these guys is pure live experience, without overdubbing.
They have gigs in many places in Croatia and the near Balkan area.
The band leader is Capisconne aka Ivan Kapec, jazz guitarist and founder of the experimental band TrianguliZona, which had released an EP Flossy, for Portugal Netlabel Test Tube.
He collects young Croatian musicians who were graduated on the Jazz school of music in Graz, Austria.
Activity… Every place, every song bring his own picture..
Artwork by Fabrik


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