Techno-Релизы    2009    July
[did-034] Zzzzra & Axs - Ala Ned Rex

[did-034] Zzzzra & Axs - Ala Ned Rex

Label: Deepindub
Catalog: did-034
Format: 9 x File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 05.07.2009
Styles: Dub-Techno
Total time: 58:22
Size: 77.4 MB

1 Axs Reflectance (8:09)
2 Zzzzra Ploum (Version Fauve) (5:40)
3 Axs North Pole (7:26)
4 Zzzzra Je Suis Un Rat (4:38)
5 Axs Sub-Scale (6:50)
6 Zzzzra Canines Pourries (7:09)
7 Axs Ion Scan (7:35)
8 Zzzzra Je Suis Un Rat (Version Infecte) (5:22)
9 Axs & Zzzzra Je Suis Un Rat (Restructure) (5:36)

Source's preview
While dub techno may be an especially “trendy” style in 2008, “Ala Ned Rex” easily elevates itself over most everything else in the genre….
Displaying a slightly melodic bent and a palpable dub techno influence not heard in much of what’s being lumped into the dub scene these days.
Zzzzra & Axs creates a hazy mood that’s perfect for late summer swinging.
Light but dense shimmering pads bounce off of each other and faded bits of percussion drift in and out of the mix to create an almost tangible atmosphere: dark, steamy, and built on a foundation as timeless and solid as the hills.
This is music to dream to, to float on, to pray to.
Please peoples enjoy !!!

06.07.2009 14:31

Классный релиз!!!

06.07.2009 02:47

супер!!!!! спасибо вам)

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