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[P36-024] Nonima & Sonal - The Death Of Youth

[P36-024] Nonima & Sonal - The Death Of Youth

Catalog: P36-024
Released: 27.07.2009
Styles: Ambient Experimental IDM
Size: 55 MB

01. Intro (1:37)
02. The Death Of Youth (8:29)
03. Breathing Spaces (3:22)
04. Grain Cycle (8:23)
05. Simon Says (10:00)

Source's preview
The Death Of Youth' conceived one late evening by Nonima (T.Ferrans) and Sonal (G.H.B), and then cut up and reassembled by Nonima. (2009) Features excerpts from the motion picture "Session 9" by Brad Anderson. As always, headphones are suggested.


24.03.2010 16:20

very nice! one check from me +1

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