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[mi113] Opaluc - Including Five Tracks EP

[mi113] Opaluc - Including Five Tracks EP

Label: MiMi Records
Catalog: mi113
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 27.07.2009
Styles: Indie
Size: 25 MB

01. toluca lake
02. man with a movie camera
03. count 6 and fly high
04. crystal gazer
05. make a story into a drama

Source's preview
Exemption is called the area where the rest delicacies waiting for preparation.
And the truth is that there aren't good desserts and good pastry without full waiver, as there is prior careful conclusion or virtuous without upstanding sacristy.
Then there is a consensus that a good book, cooking is guarantee of good taste, selection and quality. It is the best tools for any culinary neophyte tranship of life, a guide to wills, a paradigm of happiness, a journey of flavors.

Opaluc seems to be always cooking in the fresh mornings, the smiles and open face aromatic.
In 2009, for the first time, take a Pantagruel designed by Yo La Tengo heads for more than two decades and written by hand, barbaric by Galaxie 500.

In co-authors, Kevin Shields and American Analog Set recommend some guitar layers of caramel, is sweet because we are talking about.
Little know about obesity. And maybe so do not mind trimming the exemption of very pop.
On the shelves, there is still room for the essential yeast that is growing and the spiral loops that shape the layers of distortion that make guessing the final structure.

In the end, and, paradoxically, after the proof, we fell lighter than ever, forgetting completely that there is in our family history of diabetes.
If heartburn, we pressed the play button in loop, because it is therapeutic and will be doing the healing.
If it is true that these young people followed the best advice they have to turn, to distinguish them from the master, the frosted exclusive aura of Japanese who, as you know, always carries more magic.

In Tokyo, we know where it is one of the best patisseries. At the same time recommend it to friends and we all agree, by way of confidence, the desire to revisit.
Opaluc is a delight.
João Sardo


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