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[vbr039] 2% - The Last Call Home

[vbr039] 2% - The Last Call Home

Label: Vorbic
Catalog: vbr039
Format: 4  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 04.01.2009
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 25.1 MB

01 This Has Got to Stop (4:56) 6.4 MB
02 Say When (6:40) 9.4 MB
03 See You Two Next Tuesday (3:07) 3.9 MB
04 How the Years Fly (3:44) 4.2 MB

Source's preview
This is my first album, made entirely using the monome, computer, and guitar. I work within Max/Msp and Ableton Live mainly and use various applications created by the monome creator, Brian Crabtree, and the monome community to use it in a multitude of ways. All of these tracks were created using a modified version of an application for Max/Msp called MLR that has been rewired to Ableton.

The featured tracks tell a story about a time of change and transition in my life and were made when I had just left my hometown to go to an out of state school. Leaving everything I knew behind had a tremendous impact on me which I expressed in these songs. Please enjoy and huge props and thanks go out to the monome community for all of their contributions and hard work!

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