Techno-Релизы    2009    February
[AeMin008] Jemset - Work EP

[AeMin008] Jemset - Work EP

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AeMin008
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps 
Released: February 2009
Styles: Minimal-Techno

Source's preview
Last year Jemset had 7 digital/netlabel releases and several mixtapes. Audioexit releases now his first release this year. 26- year-old Frenchman continues to evoke the „Detroit-Berlin” line compounded with the contemporary minimal-techno. After his first Audioexit release, Train No.7 now he shows 3 different tracks on his EP. The initial Typhanie is a true minimal-tech, you have to play it loud to receive it. It comes from deep with assertive beats which generates dark, meditative state. After this track (which evokes 90’s Stewart Walker and Mikael Stavstrand) the second one, Work It is a more dancefloor-oriented piece. Villalobos can come into your mind while you are listening but in this track the tune can’t dominate because of the background noises and distorted human speech. But Document’s (Track No.3) initial tune is a dominant moment. This crooning simply crawls into the structure of the track, which is more deranged by the noises and effects.

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