Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[SER001] Nest  - Retold

[SER001] Nest - Retold

Label: Serein
Catalog: SER001
Released: 31.12.2009
Styles: Ambient Experimental

01 Nest / Lodge
02 Nest / Kyoto
03 Nest / Marefjellet
04 Nest / Charlotte
05 Nest / Cad Goddeu Revised
06 Nest / Trans Siberian
07 Nest / Wheatstone
08 Nest / The Helwick
09 Nest / Far From Land
10 Nest / The Twelve
11 Nest / Amroth

Source's preview
Retold' is an apt title for this body of work, at times light and serene, other times dark, brooding and sinister - Nest are expert storytellers. Taking cues from film soundtracks and contemporary classical music, the story is woven using a myriad of instrumentation. Dulcet piano tones are backed by string and horn arrangements, unidentifiable plucked instruments and the sound of the Welsh harp; often heavily processed, Retold is an album that has as much in common with experimental electronic music as it does with modern classical composition.

Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland and Huw Roberts. The first six tracks on this album were originally released in 2007 on the eponymously titled Nest EP; they are presented here again having been remastered alongside five new pieces composed in 2009. A revised edition of the track 'Cad Goddeu' was created especially for this release.

* CD purchase includes MP3 version, download available from the 31st January. MP3 and FLAC will also be available to buy separately.

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