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[Deeprhythms51] Tymo - Isolation Tank

[Deeprhythms51] Tymo - Isolation Tank

Project: Deeprhythms
Catalog: Deeprhythms51
Format: MP3 192kb/s
Released: 29.12.2009
Styles: Deep-House Deep-Techno
Total time: 81:00
Size: 111.75 MB

00:00 Daniel Paul - Pizza & Salat - Cabinet Records - 2009
04:40 D5 - Floatation Tank - Delsin - repress 2009
10:39 Quantic - Sweet Calling (Deymare rework) - unreleased bootleg - 2009
15:55 Delgui - Highlights (Duplex reshape) - Statik Entertainment - 2009
22:40 Kingpin Cartel - Float (original mix) - Saved Records - 2009
24:45 Chicago Skyway - Heavens & Angels (mix 6) - M>O>S Recordings - 2009
30:13 Tom Trago - Passion (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix) - Rush Hour Recordings - 2009
36:27 Janne&Jukka - Acting Cool - unreleased - 2009
41:10 Daniel P - Discomadley - Plus 8 Records Ltd. - 2006
45:43 Haruki Matsuo - Fade In, Fade Out - Night Moves - 2009
52:26 Deymare - Bring It Back (original mix) - Maxime Records - 2009
58:45 Two Armadillos - Hawthorne's Theme (original mix) - Bangbang! - 2009
64:57 Junkuhn - Moving to B (frizzy mix)- Sologroove - 2009
68:10 Hunee - Tour De Force - W.T. Records - 2009
72:54 Krispaglia - Noir De Coeur - Aglia records - 2009
77:44 Mobach - Submersion Dub - SD Records - 2009
81:00 END

Source's preview
2009 is almost over and here's a mix to celebrate the New Year. The starter track from Daniel Paul's excellent Night Shift album (which has not gotten the attention it deserves mind you!) sets the mood for the whole mix - if you're into round basslines, lush pads and warm chords sugared with celestial tingles then this one does it for you.

Looking back at the mix, I'm amazed at the quantity & quality of the Dutch labels present. And by looking at the release dates, the mix even has a bit of "best tracks of the last part of 2009 that you may have slept on" feel to it. Daniel P does qualify, since that Cabinet Records compilation was re-released digitally this year, heh.

Deymare - yes, he's present here as well. That Quantic rework deserves to be released, even a limited white label pressing would do, the track is so well crafted as is his Bring it Back released in august on Maxime. Another unreleased track from Janne&Jukka deserves the same attention, I'm waiting what 2010 holds for the duo...

Also, don't sleep on the French Aglia records - Krispaglia showcases what a quality label they are, really into their sound hoping they will release loads next year. Hunee is not a stranger to most of you, I'm a big fan - expect to hear more of his produtions in forthcoming mixes. Mobach and Junkuhn are also the ones to watch, excellent stuff.

Lastly, people ask me why I don't make mixes as often as I used to. I'd love to, but currently my time is very limited. But, I think DR is still going strong even without my contributions, I'm still involed you know - in more of a curator role than as a dj maybe. Just look at the wonderful guest mixes we had this year and Henderick's weekly show hosted here, it's safe to say 2009 was a good year.

Here's to 2010, let us know how you feel about this mix!

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