Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[hg070] Simon Beeston - Dusty back room

[hg070] Simon Beeston - Dusty back room

Catalog: hg070
Released: 07.12.2009
Styles: Tech-House

1. Dusty back room
2. Neon cringe
3. Cymbolic
4. Tough luck

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All the way from New Zealand to the urban landscapes of Berlin, Simon Beeston is a man who likes diversity. This is not just evident in his choice of residence, but also in his musical output. Following an EP on Highgrade Digital and a track on our Various Artists Vol. VI record, Simon now presents “Dusty Back Room“, his first solo 12“ release on Highgrade. The EP opens with the title track “Dusty Back Room“, a track of strings and stabs, and a sound not exactly typical of previous Highgrade releases. But when the music comes with such compelling energy and provocative atmosphere, we’re prepared to make an exception. New Zealand meets Berlin as we cast an eye over green landscapes and ocean swells, while the bumpy groove intoxicicates us with its magic spell. That Simon Beeston is a man of great contrast is clearly evident on the B-side with “Neon Cringe“ and “Cymbolic“. The percussive heat of the club brings us back from the organic landscape of his homeland and into the neon lights of the night. “Neon Cringe“ resonates with a healthy dose of acid pump, while “Cymbolic“ provides a bass driven journey complete with cut up vocals and blistering cymbal rolls. This is a release that richly deserves it’s round number: Highgrade Number 70. Especially with the addition of the bonus digital track “Tough Luck“, another highlight all of it’s own.

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