Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[MTRNC004] Radio Guidance - Alphabet Center EP

[MTRNC004] Radio Guidance - Alphabet Center EP

Label: Motronic
Catalog: MTRNC004
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
Released: December 2009
Styles: Minimal-House Minimal-Techno
Total time: 25:12
Size: 65 MB

1. Alphabet Center (Original mix) 06:38
2. Alphabet Center (3nity remix) 07:54
3. War Of Worlds (Original mix) 08:22
4. War Of Worlds (Menorah remix) 06:16

Source's preview
"Alphabet Center", the new EP on the Motronic Netlabel, brings together three of the nations most talented young electronic music producers: from Rio, Ivan LP (aka Radio Guidance), and from the state of Minas Gerais, Tee (aka 3nity) and Menorah. Influenced by " obsolete technologies, future oppression and film noir", Ivan provides the two base points for the EP, "War of Words" and "Alphabet Center", with a remix each from the guys from Minas.

"War of Words" refers directly to early Detroit, with robotic repetition, dry rhythms and samples harking back to early 1950's radio - a beautiful take on old minimal techno, without following fad and trends. The Menorah remix of "War of Words" adds more weight and groove, transforming it into a heavy dance floor weapon whilst maintaining the essence of the original.

In "Alphabet Center", Ivan clearly demonstrates his connection with the sound of Detroit, combining refined keys with a seriously heavy bass-line. The result is elegant and deep Tech House. DJ Tee (3nity) provides the dynamic and hypnotising remix.


26.12.2009 19:30

pervii zvychit mnogo obeshyaushe/ nj potom ppz ..... =(

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