Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[sm020] Funkenstrøm  - Up to you

[sm020] Funkenstrøm - Up to you

Catalog: sm020
Format: 3  File, MP3, EP 
Released: 16.12.2009
Styles: House Techno

01 // up to you 7.20 min
02 // carneval 6.25 min
03 // how to survive above the clouds 6.07 min

Source's preview
Funkenstroem’s sparkling performances are infamous for their energy and drive. Pairing sleazy emotions and a deep groove, he creates his eclectic, very own style, being beyond any categories yet fortunately so amazingly catchy, you got to be celebrating for sure.
His new EP “Up To You” squeezes a concentrate from his livesets, just a small cutout from complex works of sweaty nights.

Up To You
Warm and soft, a creamy bass whips into your ears. The melodic elements get combined in a soulful and passionate manner, until you find yourself in a dazzling organ sphere. Whether you’ll be carried away by its particular tragedy or following its sole-wearing groove - it is Up To You!

Bongo and shaker take on some folk rhythms, a diverse synth-ensemble flickers melodies like a Bing Band in Rio. Putting all styles between minimal and maximal into one box, but still with smooth round edges.

How to Survive Above the Clouds
An impulsive, slightly respectless motif moves along its metallic synth, concisely fathoming the whole sound spectrum along with a punching and grating saw-bass, thus filling every frequency band to the max. Being a highlight to all of Funkenstroems gigs, this clash of Rave, Techno and Electro has put the crowd in a wild frenzy ever since. Sure bet!

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