Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[cast002] Huw Roberts  - December

[cast002] Huw Roberts - December

Label: Serein
Catalog: cast002
Released: 06.12.2009
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic Experimental Acoustic

01 00:00 - Brian Eno / Slow Water (Jubilee OST)
02 03:04 - Susumu Yokota / Future Tiger (Leaf)
03 08:08 - Ennio Morricone / Quilty (Lolita OST)
04 12:00 - Eric Zann / Dôls (Ghost Box)
05 15:22 - Bohren & Der Club Of Gore / Von Schnäbeln (PIAS)
06 18:56 - Tangerine Dream / Sequent C (Virgin)
07 21:02 - The Advisory Circle / The Old Schoolhouse (Ghost Box)
08 23:18 - Son of Rose / Flocksandflocksandflocks (Duckbay)
09 30:15 - Broadcast / Drums On Fire (Warp)
10 34:23 - Ceptual / 1st Shadow Sweep (Miasmah)
11 37:45 - Donato Wharton / Deities Stalk The Land (CCO)
12 41:18 - Arve Henriksen / Ascent (Rune Grammofon)
13 46:10 - Hauschka / Unknown (Secret Furry Hole)

Source's preview
Thought I'd better keep things rolling on the forecast front, so here's one for a very wintry December in Wales. This is quite a departure from the ground covered in the first mix, which concentrated solely on archived label tracks and some previously unreleased pieces from friends. This time round I wanted to keep the selection process a little more open. Most of the pieces here are from albums I've been listening to a lot lately, or in the case of the soundtrack compositions, from films I've recently seen where the score has made an impression.

The opener (Eno / Slow Water) is from the soundtrack for a film called 'Jubilee', a 70s punk / new wave film that is quite bonkers but well worth watching for the soundtrack alone. The most recent film I watched was Lolita, I loved the score and was surprised to find out after watching that the man responsible was Ennio Morricone - perhaps not the most obvious choice from his repertoire but excellent nonetheless. I could've picked any of a large number of Susumu Yokota's tracks, but Future Tiger always seems to stand out. Ghost Box are a label I've been following closely for a while now - they've had a couple of fairly high profile releases recently and have just collaborated with Warp (Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age). It was easy to pick a track off 'Other Channels' by The Advisory Circle, but I wanted to include a more esoteric track from the label's catalogue too - Eric Zann's swirling psychedelia on 'Dôls' from the album 'Ourobrindra'.

'Flocksandflocksandflocks' is taken from a compilation by Duckbay Records run by Segue who was featured on the first forecast. If you can find a copy I recommend it highly. Also check out Son of Rose's album All In.

The last two pieces are by Arve Henriksen and Hauschka respectively. Henriksen is a man who's output for me has been consistently jawdroppingly good, I'm still hunting down a lot of his music as he's been involved in a large number of collaborations in Norway. The Hauschka track ('Unknown') is from a beautiful 3" CDR release on Secret Furry Hole that comes in a very delicate hand made sleeve. This has now sold out, but do keep an eye on the label for future releases.

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