Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[51bts019] Crabnebula - Music without Soul

[51bts019] Crabnebula - Music without Soul

Label: 51beats
Catalog: 51bts019
Released: 03.12.2009
Styles: IDM
Size: 39 MB

01. Music without Soul 4' 39 "
02. Soul without Music 3'49 "
03. Computer Music for Human beings 4' 56"
04. Fui Arkakor 3' 23"
05. Evil Music 3' 53"
06. Endless 3' 49"
07. The Yellow Line 6 58"

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Music can be intelligent. Electronic music covers senses crossing borders. Words are not necessary. Emotions are generated. Continuously. Resonances. “Music without Soul” is “Soul without Music”, this is “computer music for human beings”. Then “Fui Arkakor” and “Evil music”. “Endless” for ambient atmospheres smoothly transforming into thel jovial “..yellow line”. Intelligent dance music is simply fantastic!

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