Techno-Релизы    2009    December
[escala 1:4] Ten and Tracer - The Mendicant's Speech

[escala 1:4] Ten and Tracer - The Mendicant's Speech

Label: Escala
Catalog: escala 1:4
Format: 10  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: December 2009
Styles: Electronic Experimental IDM Minimal

1. Accurate
2. Dual birthday
3. Pepper and compliments
4. Pyo
5. Connect to Montreal
6. How can i be excepted
7. Minfrust
8. Vee-vested
9. Keeping time with a cold cricket
10. Mutual wonderment

Source's preview
We looked dead but there’s nothing like the rebirth of a new reference in this quiet time we found with a human being complicated, antagonistic and original, Ten and Tracer is the person who signs the fifteenth release of this Spanish netlabel. “The Medicant’s Speech” is the name of this work that makes the laws of the disorder and the opposite as if it were a discourse, based on clicks & cut infinitesimal and opposited basses. A speech loud and clear for a time of crisis.

Parecíamos muertos pero no hay nada como el renacer de una nueva referencia, en este tiempo de meditación nos hemos encontrado con un ser complicado, antagónico y original, Ten and Tracer es el personaje que firma la decimoquinta entrega de este netlabel español. “The Medicant’s Speech” es el nombre de este trabajo que dicta las leyes del desorden y de lo opuesto como si de un discurso se tratase, a base de clicks & cut infinitesimales y graves contrapuestos. Un discurso claro y alto para una época de crisis.


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