Techno-Релизы    2009    August
[1337-012] Eddie O. - House if you want EP

[1337-012] Eddie O. - House if you want EP

Label: 31337records
Catalog: 1337-012
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP
Released: August 2009
Styles: Techno

01. Nothing 6:59
02. Nothing (Miskate Remix) 6:38
03. Reverse 5:34
04. Banging Tom 6:54

Source's preview
‘nothing’ is the sound of a brooding monster lurking around the corner. will it eat your dog? probably, cuz she’s covered in tabasco and this mexican has an appetite for perros! tasty morsels of vintage industrial samples pepper the abstracted techno rhythm with a nice acidic drip overhead.
now, miskate ain’t afraid of no monster. she’s devised a plan to lure the creature onto the floor and shake his ass off with a stomping rendition of ‘nothing’. hear that dog? yeah, she’s having it too!
sometimes you feel like doing the opposite, like making minimal techno. nothing wrong with it, it’s just that everyone else is whipping out the sausage and banging on the bongos in the same way. go in reverse.
myspace can be a pretty hairy land to navigate. so is tom’s back. on this track, we explore the nether regions of the world’s most popular guy while he takes a picture of himself in the mirror. aw tom, so loveable…

22.10.2009 15:52

Нам решать, что выкладывать, а что нет

22.10.2009 15:38

Чё за хрень такую вы выкладываете


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