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[onmp127] 7 Bandits - The Doghouse Anthems

[onmp127] 7 Bandits - The Doghouse Anthems

Label: On-Mix Media
Catalog: onmp127
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 24.08.2009
Styles: Ambient Downtempo Industrial
Size: 41.1 MB

Otherworld Journey
Ghost and Divining Rod
Sigil Machine (interlude)
Psychic Investigator
Ghost Cells

Source's preview
5th album by this band. This time a dark-ambient, industrial work of art.They started of with songs from the Grinding Matter sessions of Zero V. Being more 7 Bandits material than Zero V material. They’ve re-recorded most of the songs.

Kicking off with ‘Otherworld Journey’, a LoFi piece of work that has the 7 Bandits trademark all over it. The second song ‘Ghost and Divining Rod’ is a dark-ambient, industrial track. A songs that is growing on you after several listening sessions. Built upon drones and a detuned piano. Sigil Machine is actually the only piece of music that stayed the way it is, from the Grinding Matter sessions of Zero V. Psychic Investigator has a more uptempo feel to it, but then again it’s a 7 Bandits song…Ghost Cells ends this journey.

The album is written, played and produced by 7 Bandits


09.10.2010 20:21

ну и хрень.для эстетов наверно

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