Techno-Релизы    2009    August
[hgd022] Demir & Seymen - Backshaker

[hgd022] Demir & Seymen - Backshaker

Catalog: hgd022
Released: August 2009
Styles: House Tech-House

1. backshaker
w&p by özgür demir and sencer seymen

2. backshaker (ahmet sendil remix )
w&p by özgür demir and sencer seymen

3. valentine
w&p by özgür demir and sencer seymen

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We have a couple of important things to say about Demir & Seymen:
A: They make really great music.
B: They are the founders of the Netlabel Pentagonik
and C: They have finally come back with their next release on Highgrade.

“Backshaker” is the 22nd release on Highgrade Digital
The title track is a relaxed and skillful house production. Steady, rolling, groovy, meditative and fresh. Just the way we like it. “Valentine” gets you nodding along to the high hat rhythm and your head shaking to the beat. This is no negative symbol, just a natural reaction to an infectious groove.
As a bonus there is also a remix from Istanbul producer Ahmet Sendil, in the renowned style of the Bosporus. Superb!

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