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[rtn008] Cadra  - Less static, more noise

[rtn008] Cadra - Less static, more noise

Label: Sublogic
Catalog: rtn008
Format: MP3
Released: 05.04.2009
Styles: Techno
Total time: 50:02
Size: 63 MB

a1 desert storm (in it for the money rmx) (6'19")
a2 desert storm (original) (6'40")
a3 lichtmaschine (magyarmx) (6'06")
a4 lichtmaschine (original) (6'30")
b1 all you can eat (6'03")
b2 all you can eat (grand opening 09) (6'45")
b3 heist (insult) (5'14")
b4 heist (injury) (6'25")

Source's preview
after well over 3 years of radio silence, cadra once again emerges from his personal dungeon with a new (and partially fresh) bundle of techno tracks.

compared to its predecessor (rtn002):
less synthesized, more sample-driven.
less melody, more effects.
less shine, more gloss.
less force, more power.
less darkness, more gloom. (maybe.)

anyway, yeah, less static, more noise.


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