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[mi107] Electronic Animal - Fast Food Music

[mi107] Electronic Animal - Fast Food Music

Label: MiMi Records
Catalog: mi107
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: April 2009
Styles: Electronic IDM
Size: 75.1 MB

01. Deluxe
02. Big Tasty
03. Flurry
04. American Hotdog
05. CBO
06. Royal
07. Superdog
08. Double Cheese
09. Happy Meal

Source's preview
Fast Food Music' signals the editorial debut of Electronic Animal, the experimental alter ego of dance-oriented electronic producer Peter Pan.
Combining a wide set of influences, ranging from minimal techno to IDM, with inclinations to psychedelic or chill sounds, Electronic Animal has found in fast food restaurants a source of inspiration.
This set of tracks portray a mechanical society, unchangeable, made of vices and routines, in which perceotion of the "why" surrounding it is loosing the ground under the imperatives of inediate and disposable consumption.
João Nunes
Tradução de Cláudia Pint


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