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[mdf02] Oeler - Aufbruchstimmung

[mdf02] Oeler - Aufbruchstimmung

Label: Modularfield
Catalog: mdf02
Format: 4  File, MP3, 320 kbp/s 
Released: April 2009
Styles: Minimal-Techno Tech-House

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After spending a lot of time in his Studio by working at his skills as Producer and Live Artist now it is the right moment for Oeler to return with a new Distribution on his first Label Modularfield. Whereas his first Album DCC 04 Drum´n´Space had the conception to connect Four to the Floor and Breakbeat fluently as DJ Set he decided in early 2007 to concentrate on pure Four to the Floor Productions and his Techno Live Set. Meanwhile Oeler made a lot of Tracks between Minimal / Techno / Techhouse / House and Tribal and wants to introduce his favourite Songs of 2007 and his first Live Production. The first two Tracks will concentrate on the Dancefloor whereas Track 3 and 4 show a little bit more experimental Influences.

1. Der Heckenschütze:
The first Track “Der Heckenschütze” merges traditional latin Percussions and discreet Chimes and Cymbals with a fluently driving Bassline and build a solid base under the psychadelic and atmospheric styled theme. This is rounded by metallic effect sounds and a nearly guitar like Hook witch is just another ( for Oeler ) typical melodic Percussion element. The arrangement doesn´t explode at all but hold suspense all the time and so it is a nice warm up Track.

2. Kehrwoche
“Kehrwoche” is Oeler´s first complete Live Production and show his development to the funky side of techno during the last two Years. Here a short harmonic Percussion plain build together with a fat and deep Bassline a funky base and merge with two other tonal Percussions namely a Cow Bell figure and again a modern Latin influenced structure to a very driving force. Although other Minimal Producers would create a complete Song with this Elements, there is enough Space for two short harmonic surfaces and a little bit oriental influenced theme and they complete the rhythm base to a melodic, fresh and flexible used Club Track.

3. Ohrwurm
With “Ohrwurm” Oeler shows his open mind to other styles of music by using 2 Guitars. One of them is building an atmosphere and the second rhythm Guitar shows again his love to funky music. The Percussions concentrate on the dancefloor orientated base and build a solid base with two very different Basslines. While the arrangement jumps between driving the crowd on the dancefloor and nearly popsong structures merges the atmospheric Chimes and the nice synthy surface in the background the different areas of this track and introduce the metallic and noisy Hookline.

4. Traumtänzer
Finally “Traumtänzer” is one of three Productions based on the drum recording session with Gabriel Ananda in November 2006 ( that leaded to Gabriels Track Trommelstunde which was released on his second Album Bambusbeats at Karmarouge Records ) Oeler produced with this self played drum samples. A very atmospheric Arpeggiator Synthy builds the base for this very harmonic Track. With wooden but less Percussions as normally used the Bassline builds again a driving force after a long intro and carry more and more extately the theme to a break where a second arppegiator hookline leads the track to his atmosphere that leads the consumer to a space where he can dream and become the feeling of timeless existence.


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