Techno-Релизы    2009    April
[astor004] Donny Karson - Def Leppard

[astor004] Donny Karson - Def Leppard

Label: Astor Bell
Catalog: astor004
Format: 2  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 06.04.2009
Styles: Deep-Techno Electronic Techno
Size: 29.6 MB

1. Pre, Erle
2. Def Leppard

Source's preview
Audio experimentation' and 'a good song' aren't always terms you hear side by side. Sometimes the planets align and you get lucky - Def Leppard is such a moment.
Both tracks on this release are based on a dark industrial vibe: deep bass, scary distortions and metallic samples a'la Berghain. However Donny has a feel for melodies, and adds a playfullness reminiscent of chiptunes, allthough the sounds are richer and carefully edited by a true perfectionist. There are also obvious elements of electro in Pre, Erle which adds portions of the same kind of Justice-type energy bound to bring fists in the air. The title track on the other hand, has more airy feel to it, which brings about a paradoxical summer-like sentiment.
Astor Bell's fourth release makes no sense when put in words. But when played loud it does!


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